From the recording Hopscotch

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Music and lyrics by Jeanie Mishler. Arranged by Charlie Hiestand & Hopscotch


Why do you play hide and seek, like the sun behind the clouds?
I search in desperation for the light that can be found.
We're playing games and wearin' masks, of which we can't be proud.
And there are days so far from you, I wanna' cry out loud, cry out loud.

For I can't see inside your heart.
And that's what's tearin' me apart.
I wish I could stop lovin' you.

Like the hooves of wild horses as they're riding past,
Will the thunder in my heart be something that'll last?
Is passion just a frenzy, a brief spell that is cast?
The desertscape of loneliness emerges hard and fast, hard and fast.


Yesterday I saw your face and knew that I would go.
Don't tell me why this time and place won't work. It's just not so.
My tortured heart can't take the pace: too fast and then too slow.
My dreams are more than you can give that's somethin' that I know, that I know.