1. It's Okay

From the recording Hopscotch

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Music and lyrics by Jeanie Mishler. Arranged by Charlie Hiestand & Hopscotch.


It's Okay

Your eyes are glintin' dizzy while ya' chat up Lizzy.
You're seemin' mighty busy, hey!
It's okay, you will pay.

You're dancin' kinda silly all night long with Lily.
She's so cute and frilly, hey!
It's okay you will pay.

You'll pay when my sweet kisses no longer tease your lips.
Your bank account is empty I've given you the slip.
While you are sad and homeless, I'll be in the sun
Spending ev'ry penny you've earned one by one

You're flirtin' so ambitious with my boss's mistress.
Revenge will be delicious, hey!
It's okay you will pay.

You'll pay when you no longer have property to own.
You're living with your granny in her mobile home.
To top it off she's stinky, incontinent at night.
No chickies will be sleepin' over. It will bite.

You're smokin' in the alley at the break with Sally.
You're makin' quite tally, hey!
It’s okay, you will pay.

It seems I'm not defensive, but your illusions are expensive.
You think I'd leave you never, but I'm just bein' clever.
It seems that I'm besotted, but here's what I have plotted.

It's okay, have a nice day! You will pay!