From the recording Hopscotch

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Music by Charlie Hiestand, lyrics by Jeanie Mishler. Arranged by Charlie Hiestand & Hopscotch.


Ravenna Nocturne

Trapped inside a close and stifling room.
Eluded beauty hidden in gloom.
She couldn't see or hear the violet evening,
Painted freshly on the sky.

Heaviness of heart is still.
Freed from her sadness, feet move against her will.
Stepping out into the liquid,
Possibility of night.

Opening out to see water-colored sky.
A star that glistens "hello" to her.
Promises a gallery of brilliance-
Generous, twilight treasure.

Gratitude fills longing hearts.
Loveliness in every passing moment.
Live a life of beauty if we choose,
In the possibility of night.
In the possibility of night.